Change the people’s belief systems to address the World’s problems

The problem that India faces, and so does most of the world, is a Spiritual problem. It lies in two factors a)”God is someone other than us” and b)”exclusivity of God”. Riots, Poverty, Conflicts, Wars, Fundamentalism, all these are symptoms of a deeper problem. Homoeopathic system of medicine, understands the symptoms but treats whole body, as one organ. It does not treat the human body as a set of different organs, which have to be treated separately, in case they develop a disease or begin to malfunction.

The world’s problems are similar. Christianity and Islam specifically, believe in the “exclusivity of their God/Allah”, and their’s being the “true religion” and the “only means to God”.

Add to this, a God whose word is ‘written in Stone’; without any opportnity for human beings to evolute to Godhood, a God who judges, and punishes if you do not do this or that; and you have the right recipe for perfect mess!

These religions in their preaching have reduced Human Beings, capable of becoming a Rumi, Bahau’llah, Buddha, Adi Sankara, Sai Baba, Meera Bai, Vivekanada, Al-Hallaj, Ravi Shankara and Guru Nanak, to mere cats and dogs, who have to follow a certain regimen, so as to reach some next-life paradise, by completely denying their human experiences in this life, killing if need be (themselves or others), to keep the word of their “only true God” (and in the case of Islam, even the name given in a particular language – “Allah” – is the only true name).

Till we realise that we are all rooted in One-ness – a complete being; where just like the if the Heart is malfunctioning Homoepaths look for a disease elsewhere; to treat poverty or a decline in Civil Society (which after all produces the Politicians) we have to look deeper into the human belief systems.

Everyone in the world has a belief – their own religon; it could be the religion of no-God, or an ‘exclusive-God or Allah’, or even ancient societies who worship nature – yet everyone has a religion and a belief underneath.

The problem has to be addressed in this space.

I am by no means suggesting that Hindus are not plagued by this disease, yet, the acceptability to other people’s “way to God” is deep-rooted; there is no ‘rightness’ about the Hindu way alone. The Hindu philosophy as a whole is completely rooted in “Aham Bhramasmi” (I am That) or “Shivoham” (I am Shiva). This is a reflection of the acceptance of human capability to reach Godhood – any human being, without any binding on religion, caste or sex, colour or race. So if a Sufi Saint such as Al-Hallaj calls out “I am That” (and displays it in actions – through Love and Compassion) – a Hindu would easily bend and touch his feet; the same is mostly not true for followers of Islam and Chritianity.

The moment we remove “exclusivity of God” and the concepts of a “judgemental God who punishes us for doing (or not doing) this or that” from our belief-system; and to this the flavour of “oneness” and “importance to human experience” (of even being God, among other experiences), then we can create a Hunger-free, Conflit-free, Peaceful and a Loving world.