Well, finally Srijan Technologies has started to contribute to the school which started in 1999 (or somewhere about 6-78 years back), through a small meeting that I called consisting of some inspired people in our colony. That meeting for me was literally where any further contribution ended, while it was Col. Ramakrishnan’s inspired leadership, dedication, unfailing committment, and even personal contribution in terms of money each month, with support from other inspired people such as Mr. Prasad (a retd. Railways officer), which has seen the school continue over these years.

There are now 50 children enrolled with attendance of about 25-30 daily, receiving personal attention from a full-time teacher now, overseen by Col sahab himself.

Col Rama called me a few days back to distribute biscuits to students, which he does 3-4 times a week – similar to the mid-day meal scheme running by the Government of India – to prevent children from dropping-out of the school.

The childrens’ love and respect for him was obvious and visible on their faces; and for me, distributing the biscuits was a ‘lesson in humility’ as I have never done anything at all for the school for all these years, yet Col Rama, constantly keeps saying “…because of Rahul’s initiative…” and when he does, I can only lower my eyes and look down in embarassment.

Well, I hope now, I will not have to hang my head in shame any longer, as Srijan has started contributing money each month to cover expenses of the permanent teacher and some overheads of the school – the money is absolutely insignificant for Srijan or for anyone for that matter but to commit to it each month, earlier, when we were struggling at Srijan was difficult as well for me.

However, now, we’re doing much better – there are still ups and downs – but overall we’re moving ahead in the right direction, with a fantastic family-like team of geeks. It is just amazing that we have been able to get together such inspired people – some of the best in the industry – at the low remuneration that Srijan can currently afford. I believe it is God’s Grace. So, I hope we shall contribute increasingly to the school and to other such initiatives soon.

Lord, increase our capacity to give!