Till a few years back, when I first started about getting organic food in my house, through an organisation called Navdanya, I was laughed at. They said it was another one of my raidcal and over idealistic, and ofcourse silly and unneccessary (creating an issue out of nothing) ideas.

Today, on a lazy Sunday, I went shopping in the Vasant Kunj market, and noticed that Fab India, Navdanya and Ki to Health, were selling organic goods in the same market. Mostly, all the goods were certified by international organic certification authorities.

The most exciting thing, however, was that Uttaranchal, has its own brand by the name Panchvati, and was selling Dals, Atta, Honey, Squashs, etc. Uttaranchal has been declared an Organic state, and this was bound to happen.

I casually asked the salesman at Ki to Health, whether people actually bought organic stuff (ofcourse if three stores are selling them, people ought to be buying it all), and he said “oh, ofcourse”, which was actually quite comforting to me.

The Organic Food movement is catching on; middle class people are paying extra money, in an extremely price conscious market, to get some crap (read “chemical food”) out of their lives.

Another very good thing happenning is that there are more and more products which one sees these days coming from farmer/worker co-operatives. This is a very healthy sign.

More initiatives and brands on the way, I am sure. Will Srijan Foundation be able to make a positive impact in this area, by creating farmer co-operatives throughout the country, and leveraging its business acumen and possibly a new brand, in marketing these nationally and internationally? Dreaming of this future reality now… :-)