I sent this to Mrs. Nafisa Ali. Let’s hope we can get this initiative going.


Children’s Film Society, India

Dear Mrs. Nafisa Ali Sodhi,

We are a software company, but with a deep sense of purpose of why we are in business. As part of our agenda to work with underprivileged children living on the edges of urban society, we’re funding a small school in Vasant Kunj, being run by Col. (Retd.) Ramakrishna and other volunteers from our locality. We’ve got 50 children with daily attendance of 30-40 children, who study in the small Resident’s Welfare Association (RWA) office (unfortunately the RWA has a very narrow mindset and does not allow us to use the big Community Centre available to it for the school’s activities). Children are from both Hindu and Muslim families. The school is free for these children. Uniforms are also donated each year by other volunteers.

The school is free, and has been running since 1996. Children from Class III to Class VIII are studying here. While the school is offers non-formal education, the classes held and the teaching is better than the government schools these children (irregularly) attend. We’ve got a permanent teacher now, as well conducting classes from 3:30pm to 6:30 pm in the RWA Office, Sector-A, Pocket-C, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

We’re also looking to tie-up with Art of Living’s Sanskar programme, running for urban middle-class children in Vasant Kunj, and offer the same programme to children in this school. The minor additional funds required for conducting this programme, will also be taken care of by my company. The Sanskar programme is once a week ongoing activity, for children between age group 7-12 years, and teaches them, Yoga, Breathing, education in ethics, religious integration, respect of parents, good conduct, inspirational talks, sanskrit shlokas and their meanings, daily routine for a healthy living, etc.

As part of enhancing wholesome education to this group, we plan to show them films on environment, girl child, education, religion and spirituality, religious integration, activism, and other inspirational topics, which will help them become better people. We intend to show films on environment, which we have purchased from Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, available at typically, Rs.750/- per CD. Unfortunately, very few of these films are made with children in mind, and address very serious environmental issues, ideally meant for adult village folk.

I was looking at your website, and the costs for screening films is running into Rs.7000/- and above. This will be very difficult for us to afford. Hence, this email – to ask you if it is possible to screen films for these children in our volunteer-run school to start with, at lower costs? I am certain that once we start, this filming activity will spread like wild-fire, attracting more students to the school and better attendance as well.

Can we somehow work with you at much lower costs for screening these films?

Looking forward to a positive response from you.

Thank you.