Yesterday evening, while I had got a small gift for the muslim mother-son family in our block, with whom most block people keep fighting, I was not being able to gather courage to go and give it to them, in face of possible arrogance and snobbish attitude that I might face, given that I have had one of the worst fights with them some years back; and also the fear that they may think that I am dishonouring their religion – then among this clutter of thoughts – I quietened my mind, and asked it a question ’should I go and give this gift’, and the answer was a resounding ‘yes’, and the immediate thought of Sikhs sharing gifts with Hindus (while I do not see much difference between a Sikh and a Hindu, it has somewhat creeped into our society a bit) came up, and then a “why not with Muslims? Share your joy and festivities and love with them too”.

And I did give it, with a very welcoming Son (about 45 yrs); did not go inside their house; but I guess I managed to touch their heart, and took Ram’s love to them too.

I have Muslim friends, and we all exchange greetings on Diwali and Eid, but this family was a bit different, since the entire block people really dislike them for their silly blocking of the road, and then when I raised the issue, they raised the Muslim card, and called the police and filing a complaint against me, for an action that the Resident’s Welfare Association (RWA) had taken against them – on my instigation, ofcourse.

Anyway, the gesture helped me demonstrate to myself – and hopefully them too – that I hate their ways – not them!