“If there is reduction in illness but at the same time it is an offset by an increasing crime rate, we haven’t done anything to improve the health of society”; Uncommon Wisdom by Fritjof Capra

Last several months, after the birth of our baby I have been struggling to convince my wife on the use of Bach Flower Remedies.

I came across Bach Flower Remedies first through my uncle, several years back, who practices the same in USA. I bought a book to study the same, but never did, till recently when my new born baby was sufferring from Colic pains, in his 3rd or 4th month.

I tried Rescue Remedy on him, after having tried Colic Aid, and Bonnisan, and the results were dramatic – in my view (not my wife’s though). He passed trapped wind after every few seconds, by the second dose, till he was comfortable and slept well.

These remedies are said to be a form of Spiritual Medicine, which works on the emotions of the patient, curing him before disease sets in. Here is what Dr. Edward Bach,who discovered these remedies said, “Disease is a reaction to interferences. This is temporary failure and unhappiness and occurs when we allow others to interfere with our purpose in life and implant in our minds doubt, or fear or indifference.”

My wife continues to insist on not using this form of medicine, insisting that I should allow the child to develop and find his way around with the emotions he develops instead of interfering with them.

This is a difficult one to beat. However, my arguments are based around my study of Dr. Fritjof Capra’s book titles Uncommon Wisdom, which has detailed discussions between leading Psychiatrists and Cancer Therapists, who debate upon the topic of “what is health?”, and “whether our modern system of allopathic medicine has created health or no”. (There is another book which talks in much more detail called “The Web of Life”; I’m yet to grab a copy). The argument is that by the allopathic forms of medicine, we may be removing physical illness but causing emotional imbalance in the baby (or for that matter any adult as well).

We affect an individual by what he/she eats, and I’m sure we do not have enough research available on the negative affects of powered milk as opposed to using mother’s milk only for the first 6 months. Even if there is research, our modern lifestyle, does not permit such attention to a new born.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hynotherapy, Psychotherapy are all practices to impact the emotions of a person.

Our behaviour with a child (or any adult), the living environment, the food we eat, the energy, thoughts and attitude of the parents and other people around, the cleanliness of the air we breathe around us, all of these are known to affect our state of mind. And need I re-iterate that the mind affects our body?

Dr. Bach goes a step further to suggest that when we are interfering with our purpose in life, it creates an emotional imbalance, being caused as a result of an imbalance between the soul and the body.

If we are affecting the emotional being of a person by all this including the medicine we may be using, why can we not use a remedy made in the homoeopathic way, from natural wild-growing flowers.

This is my approach.

Meanwhile, I will continue to work on convincing my wife :-) and using the remedies now and then in an emergency on my baby! Ofcourse, I’ve been using it on myself for some time now.