This is an email sent by Col. Rama, the volunteer (and principal person) behdind the successful running of the school in Vasant Kunj, which is funded by my company – Srijan Technologies.
26 Jan 07
DearRahul Dewan,
You were missing  at the R day fn .
1.   I am happy to inform you that nearly 25 children took part in the R day celebrations  organised by RWA, in Sector A Pkt C. Patriotic Songs were presented by them.The program was appreciated by all.
Mrs Basra who has joined us recently had trained the children and brought them to standard.
This has given exposure to the chidren and given them an oppurtunity take part out side their normal mileue.
RWA had arranged for sweet packets and vouchers for Rs 20 to all thechildren for exchanging for items of their choce at the local market store.Last week we had distributed New School Bags to al rhe children. These had been arranged for by Mr Mohan of USA.
2.   RWA also honoured Mr Narinder Prasad, former chief Engineer  who has been teaching the children since over five years nowand presented him with a Shawl. (In the bargain I also got a shawl.)
Wil send U photographs as soon as posible.
3. A team had come from the Collector’s office last weekin connection with Bhagidhari. They have prepared a program. Some scenes (40 seconds) of our children have een included in it.
With regards,
Col Rama