we’ve been working to have democratic workplace following semco’s (ricardo semler) model for a few years now.

we’re now making the shift from “benevolent dictatorship” to a true form of democracy. as a result, there are many shifts in mindsets which need to happen, both mine, as the CEO and promoter of Srijan, and of the people who have mostly become comfortable in a benevolent dictator in me and/or have been brought up in a parent-child mindset like most of us, and find it difficult to take responsibility of people apart from their own selves and their family – and include the company and all its employees in it.

it feels good to bring about this great change; yet it is very difficult for me at the moment amidst so much resistance, and past baggage that some people are carrying as a result of leadership blunders that i’ve made over the years.

here is however, a majority behind this new initiative. so that encourages me and gives me confidence to move forward.

wish me and srijan all the best.