Saw an inspiring discourse by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev just now. The essence was:

  • all that we basically want to do is create pleasantness, joy and love in oneself, and around oneself (relationships with friends and family), and the world around us
  • more money, bigger house, bigger cars OR  green environment, liberty, elimination of poverty – are basically an expression of creating the above simple feelings around oneself, and in one’s larger world (depending upon the expanse of one’s current sense of responsibility)
  • if we start our action every morning with this attitude that “I am committed to creating Pleasantness, Joy and Love in myself, and everything around me, wherever I go today” – and sustain this attitude throughout the day, and day-after-day for years, one will for sure create things around him/her which will promote this well-being in the world
  • retaining focus on one’s thoughts is imperative to manifestation of any desire
  • getting focus on one’s thoughts and truly knowing what one requires, can be achieved through Yogic tools and techniques, to help align Physical action, Emotion, Mind and Life-energies in one direction

My way of spreading pleasantness, joy and love is through:

  • inspiring people
  • creating tools for providing ‘equal opportunity’ to masses of people, specifically those living in ‘poverty-ridden rural areas’ or the ‘urban poor’

One of the tools of offering equal opportunity to large sections of people is by creating democratic companies under the current capitalistic structure leading to “employee-owned companies” or/and “co-operatives”.