Please stop!

I am not dishonest.

Your tone is bitter,
it burns my heart, my whole being.

You are killing my self-respect.

There is rage in my heart,
but i cannot fight back.
You know that.

I can only plead innocence
or put up a brave face of arrogance;

But inside, i am torn;
torn apart at being accused.

Please stop!

Don’t abuse your power.
Don’t insult me.

My tears are honest.
They are the only refuge i have.

This poem was written from the perspective of a woman who was being  accused by me of collaborating with people who siphoned-off funds. Whether she was the culprit or no – the jury is still out. I was feeling a little shattered on seeing her tears, when i asked her questions about her involvement – hence this poem. I was doing what i ought to do then; i am doing what i feel is the right thing to do now.