Life is good.

Seeing my son grow; become a chatter-pot;
Stories that bring a twinkle in his eye and carefree excitement in his voice,
is a thrill very few things can give.

Teaching him cricket, and the song of birds;
the sense of achievement when he spots an Owlet sitting on a dark tree branch, is unmatched.
times when he just wants me to pick him up, and the ensuing loving embrace,
bring tears of deep gratitude to my eyes.

This motherly love – yes i want to experience it!

Fighting with my wife,
and loving her the next moment;
longing to speak with her, and embrace her to get over and get on.

My deep longing to have her by my side
when i am unwell;
her tender care, ensuring i get the medicines on time,
her gentle ‘get well soon’ kiss on my forehead;

This feeling of being loved – yes i want to experience it!

My mother’s care about my balding scalp;
and my brother’s deep sense of urgency to help, when i needed some urgent money recently;
My father wanting me to hitch a ride with him to office, and speak his heart out to me.

This care, concern and bonding – yes i enjoy it!

The love of colleagues at work;
Employees, sending in words of care, concern and standing-by-me, in moments of crisis.

Who would not want it? Yes, i do.

I wish to live, and live not small – but gloriously.
This life and the next!

No – i do not seek liberation from life and death!

I do not seek liberation from suffering either;
I understand its part of the package.

I do not seek only comforts,
lest they may make be insensitive to the suffering around.

I do not seek to be born with a silver spoon,
for i may not experience the joy of struggle and eventual success.

Yet, I do seek liberation!

From my emotional baggage;
from my vanity;
from life’s ability to leave scars on my heart,
and from my biggest enemy – fear.

Yes, I seek liberation;
from harsh judgement – of myself
and others;
from compulsive behaviour,
and from insecurity.

I seek liberation from unconscious living!