Yesterday i participated in an offsite with my partner Ankur Gupta and our advisor Rajneesh Rastogi, to determine the culture and values of the new merged Srijan. It was one of the most fruitful small-group sessions i’ve had in a long time, with results and agreements being achieved, in spite of differences of opinion among the 3 of us. The meeting was also a big relief, as Ankur and i are different personalities and have different ways of management, and different family and growing-up backgrounds.

Over the last 10-12 weeks of our merger discussions i’ve been surprised by his sensitivity to his people, even as many had touted him to be a shrewd businessman. He’s not been any of this, even as he has certainly has a lot more clarity in his business leadership than i. I find him genuinely sensitive to his employees, but has been concerned about “democracy” at Srijan. And rightly so. It has become a way for us to not be accountable, to hide behind personalities and reputation, and often an excuse for us to not take, or accept, hard decisions. Democracy at workplace is not any of this. It is for the lack of a better word that i continued to stick by it.

So, yesterday, we re-created core values of Srijan that we would like to have it adopt, and live –  each day, and each one of us. Ofcourse this will go to the new leadership joining Srijan – Michael Cannon – and to all the rest of the people at our great company – for them to agree and adopt these.

Just wanted to share some of these here, as i feel very happy and proud of how it has come out. The screenshot below is not complete or as expressive (with illustrative examples) as we would have all liked. This is a very good start, however.

Core Values of Srijan