Our client at Srijan Technologieswww.complianceinsider.com – has been trying to get a subscription of MailChimp working for weeks now. Complete unresponsiveness from their end is leading to delays in project closure for us, leaving both the client and Srijan frustrated. We’re actually implementing a Drupal mailchimp module which integrates with the Drupal site we’ve built for our client, and with MailChimp to send out newsletters.

The client has filled the review form over again, but no response from MailChimp. There is no phone number on the site for our client to call and reach out to them.

So, to get them to respond it occurred to me that i should blog about this, and post it on their Twitter id. Perhaps their Twitter manager will get their internal sales and support team to respond.

Here’s the screenshot with an review message, which has remained as is for weeks now: