I received this email from Sh. Pradip Krishen author of the book Trees of Delhi, looking for support to help Ms. Aruna Rodriguez,  the lead petitioner in the Supreme Court asking for a moratorium on GM Crops. Please find the email below, and support Sh. Krishen and Ms. Rodriguez with this endeavour.

To all my Friends!

This is an Appeal for contributions towards a Campaign by Aruna Rodrigues that concerns us all.

Aruna is the lead petitioner in the Supreme Court asking for a moratorium on GM Crops until we can put in place scientific rigour, transparency and independence into the risk assessment process. The thrust of Aruna’s strategy in Court over the last  5 years is to provide evidence from independent, eminent international scientists on the impacts of these laboratory-based organisms that carry unique risks.

As part of this strategy Aruna Rodrigues is organizing a major Conference in January 2011 where 6 leading scientists from the US Europe and Australia/New Zealand will participate on delivering the debate on GM crops and its impacts on India’s food security. Her funding has a shortfall of approximately Rs. 6 Lakhs at present, and I have taken it upon myself to try and raise 2 lakhs to help the cause.

Please feel free to contribute anything you want, even as little as 500 rupees.

Cheques should be addressed to Aruna Rodrigues or Sunray Harvesters and be posted to:

Bungalow 69
Mhow – 453441
M.P. India

Pl send an accompanying letter to Aruna that says something like:

Subject: Funding Support for your GM Work and Conference in Jan 2011

I confirm that I wish to make a contribution toward the Conference you are organizing. I am enclosing a cheque drawn on — No. — for Rs — dated —.

Yours sincerely,



For those of you who might wish to know more about this important matter, I am attaching Dr David Andow’s excellent Report on Bt Brinjal that was released last week, and a Press Release that explains what’s going on and what we’re up against.