Suprabha Seshan – popularly known as ‘Supi’ – runs the Gurukula Botanic Sanctuary (BGS) in N. Wyanad (Kerala), in my opinion the most amazing little botanic space in this country.

Supi and her friends ‘garden’ in a very special way – with a huge emphasis on conserving rare and endangered plants of the tropical rainforest in the   W Ghats. They’ve been doing this for some 18 years now, and it doesn’t take much imagination to recognize that they are today the most ‘evolved’  practitioners of “ecological restoration” in India.
Earlier in 2010, Supi was invited to the Amazon to showcase her work to indigenous Indian people in Brazil, in the hope that they too would be inspired to undertake conservation work for the Amazonian rainforest.
All this and more will form part of Supi’s illustrated talk at the IIC (Main auditorium) at 5 pm on Monday 25th October. It’s called “Rainforest Etiquette in A World Gone Wrong”.

Received this note from Pradip Krishen (and i dare to call him a ‘friend’, now) says, “Do come! I can guarantee it’ll be worth it!“.