Just spoke to an entrepreneur in Shimla, a Chemical Engineer named Vivek, who moved back to Himachal, his home state, to pursue these three goals – together!

“The important thing”, he says, “is to combine all of these”. “Many people combine, ‘mission and passion‘ or any other combination of these 3, but few can pursue all three together”, says Vivek.

“Mission” is that which is required to be done in society; “Passion” is your own self-expression or your inner-calling; while “Money” – ahem! most of us spend lifetimes following that trail. Vivek goes onto say that farmers in Himachal have depended upon government for far too long to bring benefits of technology to them to uplift their lives economically. “It is now time for the private sector to take charge”, he proclaims.

Vivek defined the Money-Mission-Passion paradigm very eloquently – bringing much needed clarity to my mind, aiding me in my articulation of my own social entrepreneurship dreams. Super!

Looking forward to meeting him in the coming week in Shimla!