We’re doing a project for the World Bank where we’re running into trouble with resolving % which is leading to an “internal server error“. Here’s a note prepared by my colleague:


Case in point Drupal Core Search:
When the search string includes characters such as space, ” ” “, ” @ ” and other characters that gets converted to “%”, causes an internal server error. 

This is caused by the non-parsing of “%” due to some internal rules set at Apache level.

Here is the research that lead to this conclusion :

Special characters working on whitehouse.gov

1.”America Stronger” —- http://www.whitehouse.gov/search/site/%22America%20Stronger%22
2. @America Stronger —– http://www.whitehouse.gov/search/site/%40America%20Stronger
3. @Amer!@ica St*rong&er() —– http://www.whitehouse.gov/search/site/%40Amer%21%40ica%20St%2Arong%2526er%28%29
4. #America Stronger —– http://www.whitehouse.gov/search/site/%2523America%20Stronger

Special characters working on worldbank.org

1. _testing —– http://***.worldbank.org/***/search/node/_testing
2. testing. —– http://***.worldbank.org/***/search/node/testing.

Special characters not working on worldbank.org

1. @testing —- http://***.worldbank.org/***/search/node/%40test
2. “test” —– http://***.worldbank.org/***/search/node/%22test%22

3. “world bank” — http://***.worldbank.org/***/search/node/world%2bank
We’re unable to locate where the rule for blocking % could be entered at the Apache level. Any help?