Every now and then i break down
Every now and then, i complain to the Almighty,

People with resources
want to hoard more.
Their inspiration is those who hoard even more, with even less effort.

Behind every conversation,
nearly every friendly relationship they build
the motive is to make more.

Capital attracts capital
Rich make friends with rich

There is a silent disdain for those
with less;
even for me sometimes;

And this is when it hurts
and i complain;
Coz i do not have less;
but wish i had a little more;
a little freer access to wealth

Yet my clothes, my car, my walk and my talk
would not reflect my material riches
I would then look in their eye with hubris;
questioning them on their purposeless pursuits.

Because i have been gifted the richness of a large heart
which knows sharing;
It has the richness of relationships
of intuitive trust – in people, in life.
The pursuits that follow
are of a higher order, of a larger life, or a larger vision

I pray and complain,
why do those with a mission,
a yearning in their heart,
always seem to have less,
always struggling with catering to base necessities
while their hearts are soaring in the skies of utopia?

Why do those who can see far,
are forced to act for short gains
sometimes for their lifetime.

Yet we must not lose heart,
if this is how our society has been created,
then we must not fight reality

It is okay to cry, and let go, sometimes.
To complain and seek Grace
and pray for more.
And to not lose vision of love, trust and compassion;
Yet to not fight reality
and yet not compromise to reality

Work to change it then,
that is all that is within control.
Focus then on the next action
to change this world;
to create a different society;
that covers necessities
and allows the human soul to aspire for

If a life goes in this mission
wasted as it may seem;
wasted it is not, for if actions follow a vision,
a mission and higher thoughts
they will bear fruit;
For the world is connected;
connected by a matrix of thoughts,
thoughts of the Creator.

That Creator is none else but you and me.