There is a clearly the sense of empowerment that i am feeling with this uprising. One CNN journalist who broke down on TV reporting from Cairo, said, “…the last 18 days have transformed me as a human being; i am a changed man; keeping my idealism alive, is suddenly, real for me, in what was a cynical view of the world; the sheer power of a non-violent people movement has been able to change an iron-handed autocratic regime“.

This sums up my feeling of empowerment. Could this happen in India as well? Even after 64 years, our “respectable politicians” are still blaming the British for looting our wealth, and leaving us with the mess we have in the country; corruption is at previously unthinkable levels of money with the 2G Raja Scam, Hasan Ali’s unaccounted $8.2 billion stashed away in a Swiss bank account (and our “honourable Finance Minister” stating during a Press Conference – “One account where USD 60,000 were deposited, and next day the amount was withdrawn. There was no trace of that…“), an IAS officer caught having property worth 500 crores – the list is endless.

The loot that has happened in the country in the last 10 years or so has been unprecedented; Kashmir is being completely mishandled and tens of youth are killed in a previously unknown brutal fashion; business infrastructure is completely breaking down (an article i will write soon) and even some prominent citizens and corporate honchos have written to our clean Prime Minister complaining of a complete breakdown of governance; over 37% of our country still lives ‘below poverty line, hands are chopped off by fanatics and they get away with it;  honour killings still are wide-spread and village Khaps who order them are scott-free because of the political power they wield.

Patience, for people like me in this country, is completely running out. My demographic profile is similar to the average person who took to the streets in Egypt! And the people of Egypt have been a source of inspiration, reaffirming my faith – just as for millions of such people across highly corrupt and autocratic countries across the world – that we can take charge and bring change, “if you don’t”. We wield the power to throw you out, and take the ownership of rebuilding our nation and bringing dignity to our lives.

Innaharda, ehna kullina Misryeen! Today, we are all Egyptians.