Mirambika Research Centre for Integral Education and Human Values, Sri Aurobindo Society is conducting courses starting 29 July 2011.

  1. Creative course in pre-school Childcare and Education
  2. Certificate course for Educational Assistants
  3. Certificate course in Teaching Yoga
  4. Certificate course in Creative Writing
  5. Certificate course in Communication skills in English (for Women only)

See the attached PDF for details.

I highly recommend the Creative Writing Course led by Mrs. Anupa Lal. I’ve always been fond of my English teachers since Class V (as far as i can remember), but Mrs. Anupa Lal takes the top-most position in my list of all teachers i’ve studied under and loved ever. See the links below to more about her:

The 3 months at a similar course as above, and another two months during an Advanced Course, which i re-christened, and she very kindly accepted, “Exploring life through literature“, have been some of most exhilarating hours i have spent in a classroom. My English writing skills may still be full of problems, but the roots of my beliefs in philosophy and spirituality in context of the ideas i have come to believe for living this life, have spread wider and deeper. I highly recommend all the courses, particularly the creative writing one with Mrs. Lal!