A meditator at a recent satsang with Sadhguru, asked, “Why do we say Shanti, Shanti, Shanti” (peace) after each mantra invocation? Why should we not ask for joy instead”?

Sadhguru responded by saying, “If you’re a painter ask for a canvas, not a painting. Shanti is an invocation to the divine to make circumstances around you peaceful and suitable – that is the canvas – so that you can paint“.

The significance of what he said is far deeper than invocations to seek peace, in my interpretation.

I’m certainly not satisfied with the quality of life we are living in the world today, the quality of the society we live in, the way we conduct business and earn money. I’m not happy with the easy answers provided by our society.

I’m a “seeker”, and in this seeking, i choose to find and form my own ideas of life, death, sex, spirituality, God,  business, raising a child, health and the grace of dying. I’m not satisfied with spoon-fed answers on any of these. These need to be passed through the filter of my own intellect AND my experience. Certainly, learning tools from Masters, Gurus, Teachers, to assist in this seeking is absolutely important.

I’m looking to expand – just as each human being on earth, yet in my own way – to my own calling.

Each time i seek wishes to be granted with ease, perhaps i am denying myself an opportunity to “paint”; perhaps i am denying myself the opportunity to greatness – i stop asking for a canvas, and seek a painting to be delivered to me.

Difficult circumstances – very often in the past – have opened up new opportunities for me. I have grown. Has it been easy? No. Would i have liked it to be easier? Yes. But would i have grown without the difficulties? Perhaps, not! This is true! Yet, had i remained “in balance” and “achieved greater clarity of thought” during these periods of turmoil, i would have taken better decisions, causing me MUCH less strife. For sure!

No matter, how much each one of us wants to be a Bill Gates, or a Google, or an Einstein or a Gandhi or even, for some, a Bin Laden – we’re none of them – as people or as businesses. We have to be a unique creation or a unique business.

I would be nothing without a real opportunity of self-expression. What i desire truly, has to be filtered, and then show up in constant conscious thought patterns, and consistent action, and circumstances would be created for their delivery. I seek “shanti” in my body and mind, so that i am able to filter and prioritise my goals to pursue, and i seek “shanti” for the environment to be supportive and help manifest my goals without hindrance.

This is my interpretation of what Sadhguru said, and how i integrate this with the “spirit of” the book “The Secret”.

Now for living this way…