It feels tremendously wonderful when people in the business world open up, and talk like human beings with each other even while discussing business. After all, if we know each other as humans better, we would certainly be able to do business better. However, somehow the business world does not appreciate honesty and acceptance of weaknesses – most expect only heavy-voiced “we are the best” sort of sales conversations.

Rarely does one come across such posts, and it feels so good to be human again. 🙂

Dear Rahul:

Just finished reading “Where do you want to go Rahul“. Felt wonderful. Congratulations on your thoughts, your journey and your being.
I would like to believe that I’ve been somewhat similar – though, from the financial perspective, much less inspiring. I guess. The only reason that hurts, as you’ve rightly mentioned, is that one has to pay bills. And one has to pay back the faith.
More power to you and to your friend in Himachal. Even if our present talk does not lead to any business, I look forward to meeting you at some road in life.
Lastly, please thank your parents and wife on my behalf too. Sounds theatrical; is not.