I’ve been supporting Anna Hazare’s movement (not participated in even one demonstration honestly – what a shame!). But do i really support the Jan Lok Pal Bill? No! Uh?, what’s this supposed to mean? Here’s my stand.

I am of the opinion that an agitation to strengthen the CBI, CVC, and Judiciary – and bringing mechanisms to separate them from the influence of the government, just as it has been achieived with the Election Commission, would be the more long-term sustainable thing to do.

I have some doubts over how a supra-constitutional body is going to be sustained in the long-term. Ofcourse, if do not know enough.

So, what am i with Anna? Because, it is important for this government to serve us better; it is important to bring them down on their knees and wake-up these assholes – to have them start listening to us, and take “hear” us. We have a voice, which they have crushed under their sick politicking and corrupt ways.

This government, and all the political parties needed this strong reminder – that they exist because of us, and for us.