Kapil Sibal - DROWPS cloud

The genesis of this idea started in 2009, when at Srijan we wanted to design our Tees. We’ve never had any catch-line that we define ourselves with, as i never could do so. Only some “key words” described us best – Open Source, Open Culture, Transparency, Democratic, and so on. During a survey among the 20 of s at Srijan then, some 25-30 keywords came up. It was obvious that a visual tag-cloud representation would really help us describe ourselves democratically very well. And it would give us our top-10 keywords for printing at the back of our official tees.

This resulted in a very simple Drupal installation, which we handed over to an intern as his internal training project. He could not complete it then. But took it back with him to his college, and to my surprise had kept working on it in his part-time. He joined back Srijan, post completion of his studies, and we’ve kept working on it at a “snail’s pace” – he’s done all the programming in his private time at home, as our “bread and butter” needs of serving our clients take over at office.

So, we have our first product now. Arijit Dutta is the developer, and the co-founder of hopefully a great product company in the future.

Recently, we’ve been demoing the product to several people who believe can influence its course, and help us take the product to market. Through these demos we’ve come across some TED Talks where a similar tool has been used. Also, serendipitously, there are some more places we’ve come across a similar use of such “visual representation of keywords“. See below for some screenshots of a similar use of the words cloud.

Jonathan Harris presented this in his TED Talk around "We Feel Fine project" http://www.ted.com/talks/jonathan_harris_tells_the_web_s_secret_stories.html
Describe Drupal in one-word - Dries Buytaert, the creator of Drupal, and CTO of Acquia, presented this State of Drupal survey results in the same tag cloud concept.
Dries also used the same concept to demonstrate "who took" the State of Drupal survey.

The application of such a product in “receiving feedback” on yourself, on your company, on your role in the company, is immense. Besides it is anonymous, and hence people can offer it freely.