“Rahul Dewan is quite easily one of the finest people I’ve worked with — he is a leader, a visionary, an accomplished entrepreneur, and frightfully humble and decent regardless! He mixes strong passion with an unerring, pragmatic grasp of the world and ceaselessly seeks change for the better — his foundation is an example of his philanthropic instincts, his teams have always been full of life and exceptionally motivated to look beyond mere work and ‘deliverables’, and his personal goals have seldom fit conventional ‘easy’ categories of success. This is a man who not only wants to make a difference, but is hard at work daily creating a difference in people’s lives. We need more like him.”

When i feel low, i come back and read this comment posted on my LinkedIn profile by one of my earliest mentors (a couple of months into my first job), and in my opinion one of the top 3-4 smartest people i have met in my life so far. He works with the World Bank now, in a top position.

The reason i chose to write about this now, is because i just came back from an argument with my sis’-and-bros-in-laws on personal self-expression (which was taken as selfishness; and i distinguish between “selfishness” and “Self-ishness”) versus living for others’ happiness (voluntarily and happily). Ofcourse, i argued my point, but failed miserably to get it across (except for one of sis-in-law who agrees with me nearly all the time).

However, while trying to get myself to go to sleep amidst the churning in my head, it kept occurring to me that i rarely take easy-answers that life has to offer; and end up always “questioning” nearly everything that people teach about life. With this questing, churning, and “seeking“, i change – and evolve.

Anyhow, i decided to post this here, because this mentor, guru, and my dearest of friends and well wishers, Prasanna Lal Das, written something in this LinkedIn Recommendation, which is really really special to me and gives me tremendous solace. He wrote, “…and his personal goals have seldom fit conventional ‘easy’ categories of …“.

Honestly, i am not absolutely certain, he wrote this in the same spirit that i am taking it in. But, so be it. After all i learnt from my sculptor cousin that the meaning of the sculpture is what you make of it – in other words, it does not have to be interpreted just as the sculptor intended it.