Imagine this! A technology company:

  • which has a few highly motivated, passionate and smart people (programmers, ideators, managers)
  • where a large number of the employees are co-owners; and thus also collective decision-makers
  • where all workers set their own salaries;
  • where responsibility and accountability is mutual and mutually monitored
  • which takes on projects and clients selectively – “projects we like” which pay a “good price” to ensure we are “never desperate” to win the next project…and the next…endlessly – to escape the guillotine sword (of the next month’s salary)
  • where economic freedom for everyone is achieved by taking on valuable projects (money, brand value, learning value) to pay our “healthy” salaries, and yet leaving us all enough time to pursue things that we love – products, innovation, code-sprints, community contributions, research – basically everything that will set us apart, and be seen in the league of people who pursue excellence
  • which is not bogged down by mediocrity – of “attitude” foremost; and then of skills – programming, inter-personal, other
  • in which the people work together – with each other – consciously improving upon the gaps in their skills (in-line with their natural talents and interests) with the help of advisors and coaches
  • where people select and together induct the next employee, and the next partner – ensuring that with such, the group would climb up not one step, but leap-frog to a whole new level of greatness

Imagine the heights of excellence this bunch of people could reach.

I wonder if Srijan could become such a company. I believe it could…if only a first few among the current bunch could step forward, and stand up, “inspired” by the “possibility” of such a vision, and “positively challenged” by the “responsibility” of being a partner.