Landed at the hands of Indian Immigration Bureau, after a short holiday with family in Hong Kong. A couple of (Indian-origin) US residents visiting us in India were taking this holiday as well – mother and daughter.

While re-entering the Indian territory, my aunt got cleared, but her daughter with exactly the same visa got held up. This officer (or whatever you would call that grumpy man sitting at the counter) held her back from crossing the red-tape (literally!) citing the rule that under the “visitor visa” rules a tourist is permitted to re-enter the Republic of India not before 60-days of leaving its shores.

So people visiting India from anywhere other than Nepal or Bhutan, have to exclusively be visiting India, and not take further holidays and re-enter the country.

Why the heck to they make such obscene archaic rules? Especially, when the demographics of Assam has changed dramatically because this sucker of a government has not been able to curb illegal immigrants from entering Indian borders form Bangladesh.

US residents can travel nearly all over the world without a visa. This Indian hubris needs to be backed with some real meat. Rules have to be made for security reasons; not for the heck of having rules which end up harassing tourists. It is no wonder that India gets one-third the tourist arrivals as compared to countries like Thailand, and is ranked 38th among the tourist arrivals among a global ranking.

Visa applications, rules and processing require a radical reform.

Dear Indian government, please consider this little service for the nation! Let the challenge of having the tourism boom in our country to the entrepreneurs and the corporates – they are doing a great job and will do wonders – stop impeding in their work at the very least.