A couple of my colleagues gifted me *Animal Farm* a book by George Orwell. It is a depressing story (so far as i’ve read) about how a *people’s revolution* (or *animal’s revolution* in this case; against the tyranny of human beings) is usurped by some self-styled *leaders* from among the animals.

While going through emotions of anger and depression, in reading the book, i felt deeply motivated to re-affirm by strong conviction in *workplace democracy* and *employee ownership*, as the only way to create a more equitable, just and sustainable world for ourselves in the years ahead. And if i may say, a world without economic crises generated out of human greed.

Leaving my readers with thoughts from Thomas Freidman on how democratic workplaces, just as democratic countries, are going to be the order of the day in the coming years; and the new kind of leadership, leaders in such institutions would have to offer to their employees / customers / citizens.

“The days of leading countries or companies via a one-way conversation are over,” says Dov Seidman, the C.E.O. of LRN and the author of the book “How.” “The old system of ‘command and control’ — using carrots and sticks — to exert power over people is fast being replaced by ‘connect and collaborate’ — to generate power through people.” Leaders and managers cannot just impose their will, adds Seidman. “Now you have to have a two-way conversation that connects deeply with your citizens or customers or employees.”

This kind of leadership is especially critical today, adds Seidman, “when people are creating a lot of ‘freedom from’ things — freedom from oppression or whatever system is in their way — but have not yet scaled the values and built the institutional frameworks that enable ‘freedom to’ — freedom to build a career, a business or a meaningful life.”

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/18/opinion/sunday/friedman-help-wanted.html