A conversation this morning seen while switching channels on a new tele-serial called “Upanishad Ganga“.

Changragupta about to be anointed King of Magadha (as a first step towards integrating ‘Bharata’ into one undivided country) is talking to himself, frustrated, wondering if he is a real king or, whether he is a puppet in the hands of Acharya Vishnugupta (Chanakya) who decides what he must eat, do, who he should marry, how he must conduct his day, and so on. Engulfed in these thoughts he asks his minister to stop his Rajya-Abhishek (anointment as King) and decides he does not want all this. He says he feels like a “servant”, not a King.

Acharya when he gets to know counters him. Here’s the conversation as best i could capture:

Chandragupta: “I feel like a paid servant not a King. Do i not deserve to live according to my wishes and find some sukha (peace, pleasantness, happiness, pursuit of desires)?”

Chanakya: “I promised you a kingdom, not sukha. Can you really be sukhi until even one person in your knidgom is sukhi?. He goes on to say, “A king is nothing but a paid servant of the people he is ruling over”. And further, says “There is no sukha in the destiny of Teachers and Kings“.

Chandragupta falls at his feet, and is anointed King. He ofcourse goes on to establish one of the biggest kingdom in Jambudvip – the landmass of India as it has been known in ancient texts for thousands of years.

Can our “elected representatives” hear this? The petty MLAs and their sons and nephews mess around showing Alexandrian attitudes, should be shown videos from this serial.