Aamir denied himself being an activist and insisted that he was just an entertainer who was concerned about his country.

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If an “actor” and an “entertainer” makes movies and programmes which are “socially relevant”, why do we only see a maligned motive of wanting to “rake in money”? Is money the only reason why he is kindling people’s emotions? Could he not be acting out of humanism and love and concern for his country? Why have we become so cynical? I’ve heard respectable journalists on my Twitter timline raise eyebrows over him (inconspicuously) wiping his tears during the first two episodes on female foeticide and child sexual abuse. And recently heard one of my colleague say that “he’s an actor”.

Is his being an actor render him as someone without emotions of compassion, so much so that he is not meant to cry while interviewing people sharing horror stories of their 9 month old babies getting kicked off a flight of steps, or of a man sharing the pain, mental trauma and his battle to find the guts to say a simple “no” to his tormentor who abused him sexually for 12 years.

Does being an “actor” and an “entertainer” as a profession (to make money) render a human being incapable of doing anything without money being the motivation?

Or have we become too cynical about everything in life? Has the sweetness of life been sucked out of us?

A large proportion of our society has lost the ability to lay faith in people, and trust them on face value. The problem is not with Aamir’s intentions. The problem lies in the smallness of our own hearts. The problem lies in our relationship with money.

Making money and being truthful to oneself can go hand-in-hand.

It’s better to believe in the possibility of “AND” rather than living in the tyranny of the “OR”.