Research has shown that 50% to 70% “seedballs” survive and grow. This is much higher than the rate of survival of saplings, which is pegged at less than 20% (citation needed).

Further, it can cost upto Rs.500 or more per sapling to create saplings in a nursery and care for them — cost of the nursery, human labour in nurturing them, planting saplings and finally taking care of the saplings over 1-2 years.

Seedballs were originally developed by Masanobu Fukuoka, among the world’s leading natural farming experts who revolutionized Japan’s rice cultivation. He is best known for his book titled “One Straw Revolution“.

Success Stories

Success stories from project implementations globally are nicely collated and documented at:

Making Seedballs

One of the best knowledge sources i have come across on the process of making seedballs on a small and large scale is by Jim Bones, a student of Sensei Masanobu Fukuoka. This under 30 minute video describes the process of making seedballs by hand on a small scale, and using the “Von Bachmayr drum” invented by Alfred von Bachmayr of Santa Fe, New Mexico for large scale preparation of seedballs.

Making a “von Bachamyr Drum”

Here’s a picture representing the principle of construction of the “von Bachamyr Drum“.


Collecting Seeds

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