Met the environmentalist and film-maker Pradip Krishen last week, after a gap of couple of years. Amidst the warmness with which he gives me a hearing, germinated an idea to approach the “National Wasteland Development Board” or some similar organization in India.

The idea is to convince them to give us access to a large tract of land — perhaps a few square kms — of degraded land, which they have identified and classified as “wasteland”.

Pradip and i would raise a team of people, and resources to convert this land into a natural (and native) forest. Whether we can or no, is not a question that occurs to my mind. With the work Pradip has done with forests in Aravallis, Jodhpur and elsewhere, and the company of such environmentalists he keeps, i have no doubt about what can be achieved.

I also have no doubt that i’d be able to raise resources — money, specifically — for this project. It so deeply connects with my purpose of life, that i would it give it all the energy, passion and fire i have stocked up inside me.

Connecting livelihoods, degraded forest lands, water conservation, seedballs

My larger purpose is to connect the keywords: livelihoods, rejuvenating degraded forest lands, water conservation, seedballs.

  1. find a few people (or train them) with intense knowledge of native trees hills in their region
  2. find people with knowledge of water conservation techniques
  3. connect livehoods with seed collection from these trees
  4. create nurseries for seedballs and for saplings of difficult slow growing trees like Silver Oak (baanj)
  5. work with grassroots non-profits and self-help groups to facilitate fund raising for such projects

Regions of interest

  1. Delhi-Haryana ridge
  2. Dharamshala; Khanyara; Palampur
  3. Solan
  4. Almora


  1. through voluntary donations
  2. fund raising through corporates

Ideal Situation

Ideal situation is to make this a self-sustaining and for-profit venture on the lines of


Resources: Seedballs, alternate techniques, passion and lots of energy

Some resources that might help us create such a forest.

Mimicking Nature with Cattle

Seedballs, as a low-cost way to generate forests

I need help to get started!

I have made a commitment to Pradip that i’d turn every stone to show him results on this project. And i need help! Desperately.

I need to get across to someone at the “National Wasteland Development Board” OR probably “National Afforestation and Eco-Development Board“. Someone really at the top! Someone really senior in the department!

Please help!