This morning has offered a lot more clarity in how i will live this life. Pursuit of my deepest calling is not new, but been a constant search, and the source of energy which wakes me up and gets me to work every day.

My conflict has been about why am i running Srijan, while my calling has been to run social entrepreneurship projects and dedicate myself to social change. No i am not an NGO type person. I am deeply capitalistic. But capitalism of the right spirit — that generates value and ensures that such value creation is shared with the people who help create that wealth, and also with the society which enabled this value creation by being there.

Last year, Darshan Bhat of CIAM and their facilitator Rattan Chugh helped me untie many knots about business and my social goals. Over this year, slowly steadily i have become increasingly focussed on pushing forth my vision of employee-ownership in Srijan. This is happening.

At the same time constantly, there is a never ending tug on my heart to pursue the goals that deeply inspire me. The projects that are life-projects for me. Here is some of the most important projects, which if proceed forward and reach fruition, i will be able to die peacefully in old age lying on a charpai, just like Nanaji does in the movie Swades.

  1. Seedballs, Water Conservation, Rivers, Forests and Livelihoods — they’re connected! And i ambitious about this project. Seedballs and forest rejuvenation must be done across hundreds of kms and tens of thousands of hectares
  2. SparkCamp — an endeavour to get people of different faiths to dialogue; focussed on Twiiter and FB generation and designed on the lines of technology camps such as Barcamp
  3. Caravan which goes village to village across India showing films of deep social significance – environment, water conservation, religious tolerance, spirituality, Indian civilization, and so on — to sow the seeds of change. Film is a very powerful medium of social change; and India has not exported it actively even as the subtle influence is massive

Today morning, i (re)realised that Srijan Foundation could/should perhaps be my route to fulfilling these life projects. And that part of Srijan’s value generation, via equity perhaps, should be routed to the foundation.

I resolve to make Srijan a deeply valuable company, which generates lots of wealth for its shareholders, which apart from it’s employees and partners, will soon include Srijan Foundation Trust.

Inshallah, my projects will move foraward! Godspeed!