After the recent forgettable episode with AAP ministers storming the homes of African women, raiding their homes without warrant, supposedly on a tip-off that they are involved in sex-and-drug trade, i tweeted “Voted for AAP? Hang your head in shame!”. And a small FB debate ensued

Here are some points i posted, which sort of reflect my concerns and a bad feeling about how they are going about their business being in power.

Please read: Seems to be from an independent person.

a) CEOs and Leaders are supposed to show people a vision of where they can get. Breaking down things that do not work, is easy. JP movement in the 70s to remove Indira was a classic example. JP was a staunch, honest leader, and a true nationalist. He kne what to break down. That was easy. But did he know what to replace, what he broke down, with? Over and over again i hear Kejriwal make statements of what is wrong; yes we all know it. What is h saying he is going to replace it all with? What is the stated policy on “reducing incentives” for corruption? By doling out free-electricity for defaulters claiming that “they were involved in the national movement to get AAP in power” is a shameful act of letting go of the crooks among the people. This is not leadership, not vision — it is simply playing the gallery to garner support. And in the process lower the public discourse completely.

b) I have always believed he is idealistic and a nationalist. No doubt in that. And i love his idealism, his speeches, and so on. His irreverence for “how things are; and that we are hands-tied” is fantastic. But i have a constant bad feeling about this. Here’s why. If you read the above article, he flaunted Income Tax Department rules associated with Study Leave policy and so on. My gut-feeling tells me he believes that “because he is on the path to serve the nation, rules of the government are okay to be broken”. Let me clarify. It is like the non-cooperation movement in early ’40s when Gandhi stopped abiding by British Laws. Salt tax is an example. I appreciate the sentiment of non-cooperation with the current government as well, but not by flouting Government Study leaves process; not by thinking of Judiciary being below him (he actually asked Judges to come and meet him in the Secretariat); not by threatening the ACP with a transfer if he did not act on “his mantris’ intelligence/tip-off of on the African women being involved in sex-and-drug trade”. There is this assumption it seems, that “I am a saviour for Delhi and this nation, and everyone must bend before me”. This is scary self-righteous and undemocratic behaviour. There is a behaviour as if all the “aam aadmi” are with him, and because of that he has the divine right to bend all forms of govet, judiciary, police to his feet — it is assumed they are all corrupt — and the aam aadmi is all honest. He forgest he got 21% vote in Delhi.

c) I am unsure who this 700 litres of free water is meant for? Why free? Why reduced electricity costs? Removing the Water Mafia is a good thing, but the cost is that there are not enough tankers to supply water in non-piped areas of Delhi. It must be noted that his organization Parivartan was behind the stopping of privatization of water distribution in Delhi. Had that been done, a few businesses would have been suplying piped water, or through regulated tankers, in all parts of Delhi. There is crazy communist/socialist thinking. I would have liked him to lay a vision for selling the DJB, or atleast privatising the Water Tanker distrubution system — by legalizing distribution, he would have killed the Water Mafia. By asking the freaking inefficient DJB to deliver is unsustainable. Even if he is able to drive efficincy in them coz of fear, it will not last. Inertia and lethargy will set in again. This is not a solution.

The job of government is to govern, monitor. It is not to be in business. I have not seen any vision laid out like that. Honestly, i am scared that this man will crash big time. And with his crash there will be a sense of “we told you so” which the BJP and Congressis will resort to — and settle in again in their inertia and hands-tied attitudes. The hopelessness and the resignation that will fill people’s heart will be scary, if that happens.