As i sit in the balcony of my Vasant Kunj apartment, i notice old ladies shooing away 3 kids from the neighbouring Kishangarh-Mehrauli urban villages. The kids were playing on the swings behind them and making a noise, or shall i say simply being kids.

I bet if the kids were from the neighbourhood itself, these old ladies would not have dared to ask them to leave. Their attitudes and tone would have been different.

This is the insensitivity i constantly find in Delhi societies, specifically among the older generation, across their ethnic background — Punjabi, Sindhi, Jat, Bengalis, Baniyas. I have not stayed or interacted with large scale Muslim communities, but i could easily say they would certainly have their own set of biases, specifically when it comes to dealing with the urban poor.

This is the same insensitivity that the same set of societies show for African nationals, and even with our very own North-Easterners.

I stay in an apartment block with 16 flats. About 8-9 years ago,  had i not taken the battle to the Resident Welfare Association of my neighbourhood,  with the “complaints” of people in my apartment block, the RWA would have converted the only playground left for children to play football and cricket into a swings area for under-5 year olds.


Well, because these folks have an intolerance for the dust that rose into their pristine living frmo the kids playing football. And the kids when they are from poor backgrounds and do not speak to each other in a language palatable to these Punjabi and Bengali ladies, then  they register complaints. Converting the ground into a play ground with swings would have enabled them to conduct their daily evening walks without the noise, and without the fear of tennis balls bumping into them.

Mr. Bharti, the AAP Law Minister raided a home of Ugandan nationals based on complaints from the residence. Among the liberals, the fact that the ACP was not acting against complaints from the residents seems to be proof-enough of police complicity in the sex-and-drug racket. And that minister has “taken the bull by the horn” and acted in interest of residents and the civil society which was lodging the complaints.

The death of the Nido Taniam was another victim of similar insensitivity which took a goondaism twist.

Mr. Bharti just doesn’t get it, does he! Neither does his iconic honest leader.