Narendra Modi’s government has been inviting ideas on on a variety of topics such as Creting Jobs, Increasing Tourism, Cleaning the Ganga, etc. Under one such heading was a call for “ideas on making India a spiritual tourism hub“.

Well, i believe it already is. Just the sadness of it all is that India attracts a tiny proportion of the world’s tourists in spite of being a spiritual destination like no other, and having an unmatched architecture & history.

I wrote this presentation as a response to Modiji’s call for ideas. It’s all about toilets. Yes, we need to improve our railways, and roads, and electricity, and brand image, and safety, and on and on. But it’s going to take us a long time to solve all that. To have an immediate impact on inbound tourism to India — “clean up the toilets” is my plea and suggestion.

Here’s the presentation: