India needs to re-exert it’s civilizational influence on the ASEAN region, specifically Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar.

For far too long after independence, we’ve ceded ground (and responsibility) to US/European influence and lately to China.

We must assert our values on this region once again. We’ve together been part of many millennia old civilizational continuum.

Indian businesses must take lead! #MusingsFromIndonesia (Writing this sitting at a 7/11 in Jakarta)

Reviving their ancient scripts

Bahasa-Indonesia, Bahasa-Malay and Filipino scripts are all based on the Roman character.

One of my ex-colleagues at our Philippines office told me that the Filipino script was based on and influenced by an Indian script (probably Pali or Devnagiri, i am only guessing). He mentioned, a fisherman found a brass tablet with an ancient script which recorded a contract between two parties – and was written in an Indian looking script.

Revival of ancient scripts in all these countries probably would be a project that might find national pride in each of these countries, and among its peoples.

The Indian government might want to give a push.